TI AM3358 or TI AM3359 Processor Availability

When will the TI AM3358 or TI AM3359 be available from TI or
distributors for prototype and small scale production quantities? Is
it possible to order quantities today?

You should be able to get the AM3359 now. I suggest you contact your local TI representative for more information.


I did last week, then asked Tuesday and no response.

If you've still gotten no response, please contact me privately with
the name of your local rep.

We are working with our TI distributor, but so far are unable to get
samples of both the TPS65217B and XAM3359ZCZ parts. We are willing to
purchase a small quantity, 5 each, just to get our prototypes up and
running. Does anyone have access to a supply of these parts.

And, more of a TI question, will these parts be in production AND
available within the next 60 days, we will need a quantity of 100 by
March 1st.

Ross Morrison
Electronics International, Inc