TI ARM chip temperature range

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I intend to use dm365 or omap3530 in a non-consumer product(close to
industrial), just noticed DM365 is 0-80C while OMAP is 0-90C(OMAP has
a version for -40-105 but I heard the price almost doubled), this
looks like a show-stopper for other-than-consumer-gadget applications.
For example, a DM365-based IP camera may malfunction outdoor in

What do you think about this? I again checked Freescale's i.mx 27 and
515/516 and they are industrial-level(-40~85C), and not expensive,
however their distributor has nothing in stock and the lead time is 26

Samsung's ARM series also are consumer level quality, sigh.

where else can I find industrial level ARM with video codec?



you better decide what your application is, because a lot of ARM processors work in industrial temperature range. You write here that you either use slow ARM9 or fast Cortex-A8.

On the other side, if you are a buyer like “I want to buy single chip to play” then you will always have 26 weeks lead time. If you are a strong solution provider with big quantities then any distributor will arrange a constant number of any CPUs you need.


2010/3/25 X Xiao <fosiao@gmail.com>

My application is industrial application, ARM9 should do well but I do
need video (at least VGA quality or better) encoder on the
silicon(plus general IOs such as I2C,SPI,USB-host,SD,etc). The volume
is about 1000 per month, not single unit not huge amount either.
On the other hand, Cortex-A8 can be considered if price is not a big
difference, that's why I asked both. The key is industrial temperature
and video encoder.



again, what video resolution do you need to encode and in what format? If you need HD then no ARM9 is capable to do this. Cortex-A8 also, by the way. If you need only D1 then take imx27, their IP-camera reference design and do your project. Long lead-time? You can get samples for free from Freescale itself or EBV, Silica distributors…

I also think that 1000pcs/month is considered as a good volume for any distributor.


2010/3/26 X Xiao <fosiao@gmail.com>