TI Pico Project + Beagleboard: How to change Pico Splash screen (*not* u-boot)?


I have had my BeagleBoard (Rev C5) and TI Pico Projector for a few years, but they have been idle for about a year. I recently turned them all back on to get them working for another project, to discover that the previous person that I’d loaned them to had somehow screwed up the TI Pico projector such that its splash screen is corrupted. Whereas previously it would boot with the “DLP” log, then the Beagleboard image would appear, now it seems that - even with the Beagle disconnected - the Pico’s splash screen is now a noisy mishmash of junk with some faint “DLP” log and some faint “Beagle” logo.

On investigation, I was told by the guy that he’d been trying to hack the Pico projector to get rid of the DLP logo and replace it with the Beagle logo … but this didn’t go so well, so now the Pico has an onboard splash screen that is corrupted (wrong image format). He mentioned that someone in the Beagle community had managed to work out how to change the splash screen on the Pico, but couldn’t remember the details … so I’m now turning to this community to see if anyone knows what the heck I’m talking about? I can boot the Beagle just fine, with Angstrom 2010.7-test-20110104 image, and I have the bus-i2c tools onboard, can use them to switch to test pattern on the Pico, and so on (the test pattern is visible in portions of the noisy display output, but alas the noise is ‘overlaid’).

Does anyone have any experience with hacking the Pico to change its internal (NOT u-boot) splash screen logo, and if so, maybe do you have details how I might reset the splash/replace it with something sensible so that the Pico is usable again? I’d really like to not have to junk this hardware, and instead find a solution to replace the firmware - maybe some Pico projector hackers are still in the Beagle scene and know what they’re talking about? If so, please contact me, I’d be most grateful for the help in restoring this hardware to working condition …