TI sitara sdk

Hey guys!

Hey guys!

Does anyone know which benefits this sdk provides? I used to use building scripts from Robert Nelson, but this SDK seems to offer more flexible tool


What flexible tool is that ? The only real difference I can see up front is the availability of TI-RTOS, which technically as per that link is open source and free.

Supported features:

  • Long Term Stable (LTS) Mainline Linux kernel support
  • U-Boot community boot loader
  • Robust, commercial-grade Linaro® GNU compiler collection (GCC) toolchain
  • Yocto Project OE Core compatible file systems support enables tailored Linux application support
    All this is available from the community, by the community. But If I had to guess, TI could be offering pay / professional support into the mix as well. I know they have a wiki page of third party consultants, etc already. Linked to from that page as well.

Personally, I already had interest in TI-RTOS, but until now did not know it was supported on the AM335x. Will definitely look into it now, and thanks for the link :slight_smile:

The benefits are obvious if you want a real hard Time OS the driver’s are there