Time to start of execution


This might be a very stupid question, in which case I apologise - but I’ve read through all the source code
I can find without understanding why.

So, when using the pre-installed image on a Rev C BBB and running one of the examples - say “demo_blinkled”, the
board responds more or less immediately. But, when running the exact same program “manually” from the CLI over SSH,
it takes at least 3-5 seconds before the board reacts.

My conclusion is that this time is basically the board loading the node-environment on script start when running from the CLI, but
that the page presenting demos on the pre-installed image are already running within this environment and thus, of course
doesn’t need to start it.

Is it this simple or is there some kind of optimisation I just can’t find in source code anywhere?

Many thanks,

I’m assuming you’re referring to a bonescript running through Nodejs ?

So, I can not tell you why, but I had my own custom image for which I built my own version of Nodejs from sources. I experienced the exact same thing. Nodejs apps took like you say around 3+ seconds to start up, but seem reasonably responsive afterwords.

Anyway, that, and a couple other reasons is why I recently chose to use C with libmongoose for web server / websocket duties.

Yes, sorry for being unclear - I’m indeed referring to a bonescript through Nodejs.

That’s interesting - that would seem to support my guess - many thanks!


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