Tips to minimize power consumption on BeagleBoard

Hello everyone,

I am about to order a BeagleBoard (still waiting for DigiKey to clear
international purchases), but I had a quick question: what would be
the best way to minimize the power consumption in a monitor-less
environment (the BeagleBoard will simply operate an USB device without
being connected to a monitor or any other peripherals). As far as I
understood from the IRC logs, the DVI-D component eats up a lot of
power. Can it be turned off or does it only turn on when a monitor/
cable is connected?

Also, would someone be able to indicate an average power consumption
for the board? We plan to power it from a solar panel + a lithium
polymer battery, so every mW counts :).

Thank you,

Yes, it is possible to turn off the DVI-D. Typical power consumption
depends on if you leverage the CPUidle/CPUfreq capabilities to enter
lower power states while idle. There are a lot of ways to cut power
and clocks to various regions of the OMAP3530 as well as other
portions of the board.

Beagle is not meant to be the lowest-possible power OMAP3530 design,
but you should be able to get quite low relative to any other single-
board-computer near this performance range.

Thank you Jason! Are these methods documented anywhere? I'm not
planning on squeezing every nanowatt out of the board, but if some
power-hungry parts of it could be turned off in software, that would
be great.

Best regards,

Hi Razwan,