Tiwi 5 cape working???

Has anyone been able to get the tiwi-5 cape to work, and if so, how
did you test it?

I'm trying to test with

The system boots, and finds the card. I can create adhoc network, and
see it being advertised on my desktop. But, I never see the RX packet
counters for wlan0 increase, and I am not able to pass any traffic.

I would appreciate hearing any success stories.


Hi Chris,

I’ve also got the tiwi-5 cape but to me it doesn’t even seem that it finds the card.

Could you explain how you figure out that the system detects it? Just checking dmesg?


Hi Chris,
I’m also using the Angstrom-Cloud9-IDE-GNOME-
eglibc-ipk-v2012.05-beaglebone-2013.03.27.img.xz but don’t seem to be able to load the necessary wifi driver. What driver did you install or how did you get the wifi to work? Thanks.