TiWi-5E w/ EXT. Antenna cape with beaglebone white kernel version 3.8.13

Hi folks,

I have beaglebone white rev a6, and kernel 3.8.13 running over it and debian rootfs (pre-built images provided by beagleboard.org)
I have a scenario where I m using the Beaglebone audio cape BB-BONE-AUDI-02 and also need to use the BB-BONE-WIFI-04 wifi cape.

At first I tried to use the audio cape with the 3.2 kernel with Angstrom rootfs… but I got stuck in the distorted audio issue so, when I googled for it and conlcuded that issue is due to kernel 3.2.
So then I moved to 3.8.13 kernel with debian rootfs, this solved my audio issue.

Now, for my use case I need to use the TiWi-5E w/ EXT Antenna cape (BB-BONE-WIFI-04), but when I gathered information about it, when I googled I got to known that,
this is supported only with 3.2 kernel only, is it true?

If no, then I think I will need a device tree for BB-BONE-WIFI-04 cape, just like one that I have for audio cape BB-BONE-AUDI-02… when I googled for it I was unable to find one.
Do anyone used the TiWi-5E w/ EXT Antenna cape (BB-BONE-WIFI-04) with beaglebone white 3.8.13 kernel.

if yes, can you please sharer the device tree?

And unlike beaglebone black, beaglebone white does not conflict with eMMC pins, so there is no issue providing a device tree for it.

what do you say robert?

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