TiWi/BLE Cape incompatible with BeagleBone Black

Hi guys

Does anyone know why the TiWi/BLE cape is incompatible with BeagleBone Black? (Source: http://beagleboardtoys.info/index.php?title=BeagleBone_TiWi-BLE_w/_Chip_Antenna)

I have checked and cross-compared the schematics of BeagleBone+TiWi Cape, BeagleBoneBlack+TiWi Cape and BeagleBone+BeagleBoneBlack.

I found no discrepancies or swapped pins. Therefore, I don’t see any reason why this cape is incompatible with BBB.

My guess is that it’s because no one has created a device tree for it yet? If it truly is a pin-to-pin match, it should work.

The page linked to says, in Bright Red Letters "Note: Hardware incompatible and will damage BeagleBone Black if used together."

Mind you, they don’t offer details…

Will BBB supports BLE ?