TMDXEVM3558 vs beaglebone

I have this AM335x Eval Module kit and am wondering if it is a good platform to learn something on or too advanced and I should stick with something simpler. I understand this thing originally was expensive and used to develop significant products with. For you guys that are very familiar with BB I’m wondering what you might do with it if you had it. I know these are nebulous naïve questions but I don’t have anyone else to ask really.

As far as I can tell, the AM335x Eval Module seems like another way to make money for TI or whoever makes it. The Beaglebone is a starter kit in itself, and there is enough material on the internet and in books to start playing with it right away. I would not waste money on an Eval Module. The best way to learn the BB is to play with it.

I’ve got one comes with an LCD no need for capes you won’t have to ask questions on getting hardware to work the only downside is support is Aarago tool chain so your support is going to come from TI E2E community they are paid to answer questions. Good documentation on TI website More for a professional than an amateur who wants a cheap board so he can it Linux embedded on his resume then post desperately in here asking why he can’t get his hardware working and make dumb comments about TI is making money it’s a Dev board to learn the hardware since you have it start with it Also supports JTAG and code composer

What you have in the EVM seems like a Beaglebone with a some extra helpful
peripherals, notably an LCD, Synthklein. You would surely find it easier to
learn the Beaglebone using the eval board, given the support. Not to worry,
the EVM board is not any more complex, if anything simpler than the BB.
You might consider using Derek Molloy's book to get started.

OK, thanks, I’ll give it a try.