TNC Cape Now Available for the BBB

TNC-Black, a KISS mode terminal node controller (radio modem) cape is now available for the BBB. For full details see:

John Hansen W2FS
Coastal ChipWorks

Great start… But how about integrating a 5W transceiver directly on the cape? That way you could go RF to bits and bits to RF without an external radio similar to a t3-301

from argent data or similar.nice as well that it can use i2c!


Mine is in the mail – may show up today – can’t wait to assemble it and put the BBBRevC on the air. I guess I’d rather see 9600 bps version before thinking about integrating RF into cape. Besides, I’ve never been a fan of combining RF and micros together in the same box – too much chance of micro hanging up – too few RF options. RF in with micros presents a different set of design challenges which can drive up prices. That and $2 will get you a large dark roast at Starbucks…

Thanks John.