toolchain question

What kind of ARM toolchain can I use to debug c/c++ code on x86/Linux
To be more specific: can i use gcc/ Eclipse with jtag to run my code
on Beagle Board, or do i need TI tools ( code composer) ?

I am interested in Beagle Board as development board for Open
Embedded, Android OS handheld project. To that end: can i use binaries
built for Beagle Board to run on PDA devices?
If i have a misconception about using of Beagles for that purpose, I
would also appreciate if someone points it to me.
Thank you,

The OpenEmbedded bootstrap process (or the Angstrom Narcissus system)
will build the toolchain as part of the process of building the beagle

You will need a linux x86 or x86_64 development host.

As I understand it
* JTAG is possible but unlikely to be useful except for kernel development.
* gdb can be installed and run directly on the beagle.
* gdb-server can be used to remotely debug across an IP link.

Because beagle runs a complete linux system you can also use tools
such as strace, tcpdump, syslog as you would on a desktop target.