Touch Screen Questions

Is this touch screen compatible with the BeagleBone Black:!/~/product/category=3094861&id=21750201? I am concerned about whether or not the BeagleBone Black can support the resolution.

Also, what are some good touchscreens for the BeagleBone, besides the one above? I have checked out some of the capes, are they compatible with the Black?

Touchscreen is typically serial in nature and has nothing to do with resolution that is supported by the board. Reading the very rough specification of this product it says touchscreen is over USB, so if you connect it to the USB on the board and you have the right SW it should work.

BB supports 1920x1080@24, so it should satisfy the resolution of that display. As it is in a preorder state, I would think that one one other than the maker of the display has actually tried it with the board. I suggest you ask them if it will work.


You can try liliput 8inch with hdmi and usb touch

the display from has resolution 1280x800px. It has built in HDMI scaler to accept any resolution of a host. Really cool display but since BBB transmits audio over HDMI you will have to use an external Audio-Cape to have sound

But what about the touchscreen ? Is it possible to transmit video over the HDMI and receive data for the touchscreen ?


hdmi goes through a HDMI cable

touchscreen goes through a USB cable

both HDMI and USB are available at BBB

Wouldn't I be able to get sound through the headphone connector? If so
that's fine with me, I can always add speakers later...

probably yes

As long as you are using CEA resolutions via HDMI. Sound is only supported at those resolutions.