Touchscreeen automatically clicking at random points

I am working with Beaglebone black board with ubuntu-12.04LTS (3.8.13). I have interfaced 7" LCD with BBB. LCD is working properly. Touch is also detecting but problem with touch is that it is clicking automatically at random points on the screen. Due to that I unable to run my application which has lots of button on screen. And touch is automatically clicking any button on the screen. I searched lot to solve this problem. But I didn’t get solution for it. Please help me to resolve this problem. Thanking you.

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Actually I have posted what I have discovered. The problem I faced was with 10 inch screen, with theLCD7CAPE every thing works fine. Touch screen has a capacitance, and there is a charging cycle, which is used in initial touch detecting. If the charging faze is too short, touch screen voltage is too low and this is detected as touch event. I have changed CHARGEDLY_OPENDLY from 1 to 10 (ti_am335x_tscadc.h), 1 is definitely too short.


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Thanks for quick reply. Sorry I forgot to mention that I am working with resistive touch. Is there any workaround for resistive touch to solve this problem. Thanking you.


Piotr, everything works fine, because the kernel has been modified to filter the noise that came when you remove your finger. I don’t know why, but it happen…