touchscreen for the xM?

i'd like to get an LCD touchscreen for my xM, but a quick google
took me here:

whic emphatically explained that that screen wasn't compatible with
the xM. so what are folks using these days? i'm not so much
interested in high-res, just the ability to do some hacking on a
touchscreen. recommendations?


p.s. something that would be compatible with my panda ES would be
nice as well.

There is the ULCD7 panel available.


and Koen was messing around with a patch for v3.4.x (for panda +
ulcd), untested by me, but should work...



I am using Beagle board XM rev C3 with Linux Angstrom. I want to use a touchscreen display with my beagle board. I need a touch display with less than 5 inch size.

I got a touch screen dislay : 4.3 inch WQVGA Color TFT Touch Screen

and I got some information about

Fully assembled and tested v2 PCB board for LCD panels with 18-bits or 24-bits LSB LVDS interface from chalk elctronics.

Can I use these devices for my application?

Why not?

Thank you.

I will proceed with this.