TPS65217 Push Button Linux Support

I was requested, on IRC, to send this patch. Here you go! :slight_smile:

Consider this an RFC. It would apply cleanly to the PSP tree except the
board-file I use is a custom goblin from am335x-evm. It serves 2
purposes that not everyone would want:
1. On power button press, issue KEY_POWER
2. On AC loss (switch to battery), issue KEY_POWER

Feel free to mock me :slight_smile:

Eventually I'll clean it up and send it upstream but for now just wanted
to get it out in public for others to see. Please feel free to send
upstream if you clean it up before I do.

No, there's not a commit message, this was output of a squash across
a few commits in my private tree. That would be fixed before being sent
to linux-omap ml.


Well. Not sure. The inversion was handled in the hardware by the removal of the inverter. The board works fine so I am confident that it is not being held in reset and it therefore works.

Not sure why a SW patch is needed for that as the inversion was inside the chip in the Hardware itselfโ€ฆ We are on ES2.0 silicon which also has the inversion in the silicon. We wonโ€™t move to Es2.1 until we can actually get the parts. When exactly that will be is rather fuzzy at the moment.


Can you tell me if this patch has been tested on the old and/or the
new silicon revision (PG2.1), which inverts the nNMI?

This has not been tested on newer silicon. Sorry. Works great for me
on rev 1.0 silicon on my white bones.

Yes. That board has the inverted signal.