Trainer xM Board - I2C

Hello there,

I am currently trying to use my BB xM in order to send an I2C signal to a DAC. My BB xM runs on Ubuntu 11.10 and I am using the Trainer-xM Board for signal level translation. Under /dev directory, I can see the i2c-1 and i2c-3 drivers for I2C communication. However, I see that the schematic of Trainer Board refers to I2C2.

My question is: Can I use Trainer xM Board for sending I2C signal with the drivers I have or should I try to find the specified driver?

Thank you all in advance.

Try this command:
i2cdetect -r 2

This will show if i2c2 is available

Thank you for your reply. I have already given this command and I can see that i2c2 is not available. I am considering switching my OS to Angstrom (kernel 2.6.32) which has the specific driver, but it’s really odd that Trainer-xM accepts only i2c2. What about i2c-1 and i2c-3? Has anyone tried something similar to this (enabling i2c-1 or i2c-3 for use with Trainer-xM)?