transfering files into RAM of Beaglebone


How to transfer files from my PC into RAM of the Beaglebone?
I did it before on Beagleboard but forgot as it was long time ago and
I was using SSH as well.
Now I use WinSCP and want to transfer *.C sources, build them locally
on the Beaglebone and test.
I don't want to copy to SD card for now.



just copy them to /var/volatile, it's tmpfs partition (volatile)
located in RAM, after a reboot the files will disappear.

Don't forget that you RAM has a size limit of 256MB !

You can also put you *.c files on a nfs share and build them remotely
from the BB without any need to transfer them and of course you won't
have a size limit :wink:

Ayoub Zaki

Considering that you want to work with secureshell you can do something like:

scp *.c userid@beaglebone.local:~/tmp

use root oder a know userid for userid and if beaglebone.local does
not work replace it with

Thanks for that,

It works fine.
I noticed that there is a preference of using JavaScript or Python
over C/C++
for a Beaglebone. I am not able to find some basic C examples,
helpfull for beginners.
What is the explanation for that shift?


Hi Ayoub,

Thanks again.
The first option works for me with a limitation of 256MB of RAM,
so I attempted to setup an nfs share, so far with no luck.
Can you point me some instruction of how to setup an nfs client on
Beaglebone (Android distro)
and an nfs server on PC (both linux and Win7)?


Hi Jan,

On Linux Server Side you need to install nfs server using :

$ sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server

add the shared folder for expl /srv/nfs in /etc/exports :

/srv/nfs *(rw,no_root_squash,async)

then run

$ exportfs -ra

On the Target side "beaglebone" you can use Busybox nfs mount :

$ busybox mount -t nfs -o nolock $IP://srv/nfs /mnt (replace $IP with
your server ip @)


Ayoub Zaki