Transferring a BeagleBone Black image to BeagleBone Green Wireless, wlan0 error

Hi guys!

I have a “master developing” BeagleBone Black and use the script “” to create my MicroSD images which I distribute under the other BeagleBone Blacks. This works fine, thanks for that script!
As expected, this image also works on the BBGW. I also see the interface wlan0, but when I want to activate the wlan0 interface by:
ifconfig wlan0 up
I get the following error:
SIOCSIFFLAGS: Input/output error

  • The package WL18xx is installed and modprobe was done
  • I used the DTB-Rebuilder for activating i2c,uart,adc and can
  • Debian 8.6, kernel 4.6.4-bone3
    Is this some kind of a driver problem?

Thanks in advance!
Best regards,