Transmission/receiving error with C5 board?

Hi ,

i am using a Rev C5 board with a Ubuntu 11.10 distro. I am trying to cat /dev/ttyUSB0 to get GPS receiver information (connection is run from rs232-usb serial) .

The whole setup runs smoothly between HOST PC- OEM Receiver. But when i connect my HOST-BB-OEM and use the cat function on BB, the BB seems to be transmitting and receiving data from the receiver at the same time.

i know UART 0, UART 1 and UART 2 is connected to the USB on BB- serial COM on the receiver.

I have tried different cables and i believe the BB is transmitting something when it is suppose to log rx data from the receiver. Can someone help me with this as i am not able to rectify this issue. How can i disable BB transmission and just receive data from the GPS receiver?