Trouble about USB OTG port

Hi, I'm in sorry picke. I'm using BeagleBoard rev. C3. But I can't use
USB OTG port. I'm using 5V power supply connector for supplying power
to board. And I use an Ubuntu destribution for BeagleBoard. USB-HS
port is okay, I can use it. But USB OTG port is no-good. Any idea?

How do you want to use the port, as a client or host? If you want to use it as a host, the ID pin must be grounded by either using the correct cable or shorting pin 4 to ground. There are shorting pads on the back of the board under the OTG connector that allows you to short these two pins together.



There is good information on BeagleBoard USB OTG at:

BeagleBoard wiki:
BeagleBoard community FAQ:

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