Trouble Changing Driver Modules that are built

I am working to update the drivers on a derivative of the BeagleBoard. It is running 2.6.32 and I have updated to use the new layered OpenEmbedded-Core. I can build and run the kernel but I am having trouble changing the driver modules that it builds. I can use bitbake to run menuconfig and I copy the .config file to setup-scripts/sources/meta-ti/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-omap-psp-2.6.32/mymachine/defconfig but it does not seem to be obeyed.

The same drivers are built no matter what I do. I am looking in the setup-scripts/build/tmp-angstrom_2010_x-eglibc/deploy/images/mymachine/modules-mymachine.tgz. Neither adding nor removing drivers seems to work! I must be doing something silly wrong.