Trouble with USB connectivity, Bone101 page and Cloud9


I have a new BBB that only I have been working with. Initially I attempted to set it up via USB cable and the board was recognized as a storage device by the Windows based PC. While utilizing the initial IP address ( the BeagleBoard 101 page would always connect, but the header would never turn green or recognize the IP address when it was entered in the box. I am using Putty, and the terminal interface works properly.

Then I made the change to a network switch and ethernet connection to the PC. I connected peripherals to the board so I could look at what the board was doing and investigate as I went.

I set my own peculiar IP address, and the Board101 page would connect but with the same problem. Putty SSH works fine and the terminal interfaces properly, but the Board101 page does not connect, nor does Cloud9 or the GateOne SSH client.

I went through this tutorial:

Cloud9 IDE and GateOne SSH Client not accessible.
Solution: The /var/lib/cloud9 library was missing so we need to make the directory.
Install and Configure PuTTy: [](
Type: root
Type: mkdir /var/lib/cloud9
Reboot your BBB and your Cloud9 Programming Space will come back.
Credit: Uncle Joe

It made no difference for my issue.

Where I want to go is this tutorial:

Any thoughts or suggestions?

That is very unusual. Are you using Google Chrome?

I went to the link that you provided and it tells you to use GateOne. Honestly, you can just use PuTTy and you should be able to do everything that you need to do.