Troubleshooting UART1 on Ubuntu 14 Kernel 3.14


Just recently moved from kernel 3.8 to 3.14 to solve a wifi issue and i’ve now run into some problems with UART1 /ttyO1

Description: Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS
uname -r

Some troubleshooting assistance would be appreciated as I am not sure how to pinpoint where the problem is.

Im running an RFID module over the serial port using UART1. It was pretty easy to set up in 3.8 kernel with the capemger but im a bit out off my depth without it.

There are a number of steps i’m not confident that I’ve done correctly.

I have looked at a lot of tutorials on this but most are for debian or angstrom. I’ve tried following this guide: without success although my overlay is the same.

The main issue I have is I only have one way to test this and that is by running the python program to see if it reads an RFID.

How can i get into more detail to pinpoint the issue, I’m pretty sure I haven’t created / complied the overlay correctly, but maybe I haven’t upgraded the dtc activated UART1 or something i haven’t even thought of.

This is the result of
ls /dev/ttyO1

Any help appreciated.