Trust zone in Beagle board


Anyone make use of the trust zone in the Beagle board ?
I want to use that. But, apart from some theoritical ideas about trust zone in the ARM, I dont know more.

Can anyone help/guide ?


No, but have you read and requested info from ARM [1]?


If you're interested in using TrustZone on AM335x BeagleBone, I don't
believe it's supported [2]. In general, I'm not sure that Beagles can
use TrustZone [3] due to the device configuration. The DM3730 family
has parts that do support TrustZone, though. I assume you need to talk
with TI and ARM to get detailed info.


If your desire is secured boot, TrustZone seems like a good choice. If
you just want to store some crypto keys somewhere and performed
secured crypto operations, take a look at using a smart card or low end
HSM (hardware security module).