Trying to flash TFTP uEnv.txt to eMMC

Here is my uEnv.txt file:







loadtftp=echo Booting from network …;tftpboot ${loadaddr} uImage; tftpboot ${fdtaddr} am335x-boneblack.dtb; tftpboot ${initrdaddr} initramfs

linuxbootargs=setenv bootargs console=${console} root=/dev/ram0 rw initrd=${initrdaddr}

uenvcmd=setenv autoload no; run loadtftp; run linuxbootargs; bootm ${loadaddr} ${initrdaddr} ${fdtaddr}

My question is HOW do I flash this onto the eMMC? I’ve tried both the Debian reflashing (adding my uEnv.txt lines into the original uEnv.txt file in the boot folder) and BBB-eMMC reflashers, and have tried using U-Boot’s fatload and fatwrite to load from the SD card to the DDR and then write to the eMMC from the DDR.

What am I missing? I can’t think of anything else. Which version (Angstrom, Debian, Arago Project) should I be working with? Could you please give me a hint (or two)?