trying to get a feel for the beagle

Hi guys,

I'm just considering switching to beagle after endless trouble getting
my semi-proprietary linux boards working right.

All I really want is:

1. Ethernet to work sanely from the get-go (sounds like it does from
     the description in ultra-quick start, I assume getting static IP going
     isn't much more trouble?).

2. Wireless over to be possible without insane backflips. In particular
     I'd like WPA2 personnal, and if possible I'd like to use the hawking
     technologies HAWNU1 USB with antenna:


3. Relatively painless access to DIO lines. I'd love to find an interface
     called dio.h that just does what I want (tm) but a clear guide to using
     whatever is available would work as well.

About what sort of time investment am I looking at to get the above going,
in your expert opinions?

Thanks in advance for you advice,