Trying to install Hamachi on Beaglebone

I have just downloaded Hamachi for armel architecture from this link

I have installed Ubuntu 12.10 which is in armhf architecture but according to this post

it is possible tu force install Hamachi under armhf architecture by doing

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install --fix-missing lsb lsb-core

sudo dpkg --force-architecture --force-depends -i logmein-hamachi_2.1.0.68-1_armel.deb

Hamachi seems to be installed but i get this when i try to execute it

ubuntu@arm:~$ hamachi

-bash: /usr/bin/hamachi: No such file or directory

Anyone could try this??
Thanks in advance!

Did you install the multi-arch libraries on your "armhf" system to run
the "armel" binary???



I was able to install Hamachi by doing what Robert says above, but the Hamachi daemon crashes at the moment when you try to go online.
I’m stuck at that point.