trying to list all u-boot files related to building for BBB

for an upcoming embedded linux course, i want to do a detailed
coverage of configuring and building u-boot for the BBB and, to that
end, i decided to make a list of most of the relevant files that go
into the final u-boot image for the BBB, which i started listing here:

  the idea is that this section will be a combination of:

  * how u-boot is configured and built, and
  * how u-boot works specifically on the BBB

so students can see how various bits of the u-boot master branch
contribute to the final bootable image, and where they come from.

  obviously, that list isn't complete, i'm not going to list every
single file, i just want to list pointers to the major files or
directories related to the BBB. i made that list fairly quickly ... am
i missing anything critical that contributes to the final image? or
did i include anything that actually isn't relevant? and if that list
is informative, it will be publicly available, anyone's entitled to
peruse it if they want. and two final u-boot questions.

  i want to extend that list to incorporate links to the corresponding
content at the u-boot git repo, so if one is interested, one need only
follow the link. the git repo is here:;a=summary

but what is the proper URL that i would use to have each link track
the master branch version of each file/directory? it would seem to be
something like:;a=blob;f=Makefile;hb=HEAD

do i have that right? (i don't want to lock any hyperlink to a
specific commit.)

  finally, a u-boot question -- is there a make target for u-boot that
simply produces all the auto-generated files without actually starting
the build? i didn't see one but i'm willing to believe i just missed
it. thanks muchly.