ttyO4 are not working on new Beaglebone


I setup a new beaglebone black and use a own cape.
I use UART4 … at my old beaglebone, I put the cape on, start my software and it is working.

On the new Beagelbone i get no communication with my cape.

I communicate via ser2net … this is working on many boards without problems.

I see ttyO4 in the /dev folder.

ser2net.conf I copy from old beaglebone and I can connect to the IP:port … but no communication.
Baudrate is 57600

Are the new Debian Images different to someone from 2015?

Is there a hind to bring ttyO4 working or is it blocked?

Thank you!

When you type ls /dev/ttyO* on your new BeagleBone, what do you get??

I assume nothing…

TI switched the default serial driver back in (??) from OMAP (ttyOn) to the 8250 driver, ttySn. I believe the rationalle is documented in the kernel source code for the driver and other places.

You should be able to switch back to the old OMAP serial drivers with the later kernels, but you have to re-build the kernel… There are other posts on here (beagleboard.og) describing part of that procedure.



I found the problem!

I have to set in uEnv.txt:



Now it is working

Thank you!