tun module missing in kernel 3.14.25-ti-r37

Trying to get my beloved openvpn up I’m stumbled on a missing module tun in this kernel

CONFIG_TUN is not set

got it running 3.8-bone and also see it’s enabled in config-3.17.1-armv7-x3

I guess I soon will have to learn how to build a module?

Thanks for catching that, it's how queued up:



Uhhh, will this lead to a new kernel which I can upgrade to? It will take some time before i’ve learned how to cross compile kernel modules.


It will, i need to also rebase against (1).. Usually I queue up the
changes and push a build later in the week (thursday ish)..

1: http://git.ti.com/gitweb/?p=ti-linux-kernel/ti-linux-kernel.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ti-linux-3.14.y


I can confirm a working tun module with openvpn with the updated kernel 3.14.25-ti-r38.