Tutorial for custom kernel building


Is there any tutorial for custom kernel building. Currently i am using
open embedded. But dont know how to customize kernel building.
Searched in google with no success. Please help...


I found below link very useful for custom kernel building and also
adding new driver to kernel.



I hope it will help.


Maybe it can help you a little: http://elinux.org/BeagleBoard#Linux_kernel

I was wondering how bad the kernel would be if I simply get http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/linux-2.6.36.tar.bz2 and built it natively on my beagleboard system?

make distclean
make omap3_beagle_defconfig
make menuconfig
make uImage

I think I built a kernel that way a few weeks ago, but it didn’t have drivers for some of the services that were already starting in my preconfigured system. I’ve since rebuilt my entire system several times and am not connected to it right now.


I built a 2.6.32 kernel natively on my beagleboard today. Worked great!


Hi Amit,

I think those links will be very useful for me... Thank you very much

Hi venki,
If you want to compile the kernel by hand without using tools like openembedded or bitbake. You can follow this link,


Just change the mini2440_defconfig to your particular board configuration.To populate your rootfs,




Hi Amit,
Thanks for referring my blog. Happy that it helped you.

G. Ravi Teja,
IBM, Bangalore.

I.ve a queation regarding your configuration ?

make omap3_beagle_defconfig

I didnt find omap3_beagle_defconfig in arch/arm/configs of
linux-2.6.36 . So are you using the config from

Is the same (omap3_beagle_defconfig)can be used to xM or is there any
additions ?