[Tutorial] Using python to blink onboard LEDs with Beagle bone and angstrom linux

Here i made this tutorial - it starts off were i finished installing
python and then you use python scripts to blink LED

Read description of video on how to download and install python on
your beaglebone
If you already know how to install python and have it installed maybe
you'll also like this KnightRider script i made!


Just run it in python and watch the onboard leds light up like the
famous show KnightRider YAY!

I'm not a pro - I'm still having issues with doing talking to and with
the expansion header and sensors. So for now i give you this!

I hope tuts are allowed here - Peace!

Hi, nice tutorial. Based on your code I done the same way for nodeJS
nodeJS do it better than python for this work because it's a non
blocking language

In python u will have an infinite loop just to blink leds, not very
In nodeJS u could have this blink leds and other code in paralel like
a web server or something else

Just go to node and paste this code to make the two blinking leds

^Croot@beaglebone:~# node

var exec = require('child_process').exec
var a = 0
   exec('echo '+ a +' > /sys/class/leds/beaglebone::usr3/brightness')
   exec('echo '+ a +' > /sys/class/leds/beaglebone::usr2/brightness')


Awesome! Thanks for the code contribution. As for python blocking any
other programs - my tutorial was mainly for simplicity and those
already familiar with python so I didn't mention on how to run python
as a Daemon or utilizing Screen to allow multiple programs at once.

As for NodeJS I don't really like the idea of learning a Meta
Programming language but it's only because my intentions with the
Beagle Bone is to get right down to the very guts of it so i can
program to my personal liking and NodeJs just doesn't do that for me.
However I personally don't think NodeJs is useless in fact its quite
useful for quick & easy deployment of applications!

Anyways its all situational in the end so happy coding, happy new

-2012 were still alive!

hey man thanks for the post, can you allow me to see youtube video?? thanks to much