TWL MADC test app ..

Hi Frank,

I would like to know if you have a test app to try the MADC driver on
Beagle. I am looking at using the TWL MADC driver to validate the
power measurement options on Beagle REVC boards.

A test app will ease some work.

Thanks & Regards,



I have not made any progress trying to get the twl MADC to function properly on the overo board. I have not tried the MADC on the beagleboard. I believe that the madc driver (common to both boards) is at fault, but no one seems to be working on that driver and my debug efforts didn't go very far. The user space code I used to interface to the driver is very simple. It issues an ioctl to read a channel, then outputs the response. I've attached the source. I would appreciate you sharing the results of your test.

Frank, Thanks...

I just tried the following sequence using u-boot,

/* Clear ISR1 register */
imd 0x4A 0x61 1;

/* Pin mux */
imw 0x48 0xBB 0x08 1;

/* MADC IMR1 - enable Interrupt */
imw 0x4A 0x62 0xD;

/* Power ON the MADC using CRTL */
imw 0x4A 0 1;

imw 0x4A 0x06 0x28;
imw 0x4A 0x08 0x28;

/* Start conversion by enabling the CTRL_SW1[5] */
imw 0x4A 0x12 0xFE;

/* Poll for ISR Bit to be set -> it is not getting set */
imd 0x4A 0x61 1;

/* Read GPCH registers - reads only 0s*/
imd 0x4A 0x3D 10;

No Luck in reading the power measurement registers, will confirm the
sequence before using the Linux drivers.