TWL4030 data-sheet

Hi all,

Beagle board uses twl4030 for power management/I2C and etc. I want to
emulate it but I can not find its data-sheet. Some guy tells me that
tps65950 is pin 2 pin compatible with twl4030 and I download tps65950
data-sheet from TI. But it does not contain register description and
that is what I need for qemu-omap3 emulation. Can anyone tells me
where can I get the twl4030 data-sheet. Thanks very much.

Hi Yajin,

You can find the TPS65950 TRM (Technical Reference Manual) at:

The above link can as well be found at the TPS65950 main page:

This should give you what you need :slight_smile:

Best regards

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Thanks for your help. Got it.