Two BBBs on same host's USB


I have two BBBs, and each can connect to a host via USB0 with no problems.

One as IP and subnet mask (changed from …252) and another on For some reason they both cannot connect at the same time as PuTTY gives me a conn timeout. Is there a way to have more than one BBB on a single USB host network?



I’m not sure you’re ending up with a sane network configuration using the same subnet mask for each, but did you change the udhcpd config file to give the host a different ip for each usb connection? The host gets its ip from the beaglebone’s dhcp server. I say not sane, because the beaglebone’s wont be able to communicate with each other because there’s no route between them.

For a more proper (?) configuration, you could use use the, subnet, host ip range of (start and stop in the udhcpd config file). For the other (looking at this subnet calculator),, subnet, host ip (start and stop in its udhcpd config file).

I ended up making a python script to set the usb ip based on the hash of the board id stored in eeprom so I wouldn’t have to worry (too much, only 14 bits) about any two beaglebone’s clashing