u-boot DSS video broken on Beagleboard-XM

I'm compiling u-boot-git very latest from this:

It includes :
and also

It works on Touch Book, Beagleboard revision B5/C2 but not on
Beagleboard-XM rev A2 (the one with the pin left up for DVI_PUP). I
see 3.3V on the TFP410 on that corresponding pin so the TFP410 is on.

Also, on Koen's demo image as of August 2010, I don't get any orange
color during u-boot on XM-A2 but video shows up when Angstrom starts.
Beagleboard rev C2 shows the orange color.

So the problem seems limited to Beagleboard-XM and u-boot.

- Has anyone ever seen the orange color on Beagleboard-XM for u-boot

- Any idea? Is there any specific registers for DM3730 compared to
OMAP3530 that are not properly set up at u-boot (but got miraculously
set up with Tomi's DSS2)? Especially due to the move of the first 6
video PINs?