u-boot for Flash


On http://code.google.com/p/beagleboard/wiki/BeagleboardRevC3Validation, first paragraph (Setup, Copy the following files on to MMC), it’s mentioned that two versions of u-boot do exist.

  1. MLO as MLO
  2. u-boot as u-boot.bin
  3. u-boot for flash as u-boot-f.bin
  4. ramdisk image as ramdisk.gz
  5. Kernel (uImage) as uImage.bin
  6. reset.scr as boot.scr
  7. x-loader image as x-load.bin.ift
  8. Regular script file as normal.scr

After building an image using OE, I could find only one compiled version of u-boot, that’s u-boot-beagleboard-2010.03+r64+gitrca6e1c136ddb720c3bb2cc043b99f7f06bc46c55-r64.bin, which I copied on my MMC as u-boot.bin.

Is this version of u-boot also suitable for flashing the BB’s NAND?


-Ilyes Gouta