[U-Boot] Query on timeouts with NetSetTimeout

Hi Mani,

Wolfgang Denk wrote:

Dear "Pillai, Manikandan",

The NetSetTimeout() invokes get_timer() to do its operations. The
get_timer() should return the counter value. It's not always true
that the counter runs at millisecond clock. I believe the earlier

We call this a bug, then. get_timer() is specified to return tick os
one millisecond resolution.

If your code behaves differently, it needs to be fixed.

versions of the NetSetTimeout calls in u-boot/net directory used to
have a multiple of CONFIG_SYS_HZ for timeout that could easily be
used to get required timeout for different platforms.

That code was cleaned up some time ago. If there are board ports
which define CONFIG_SYS_HZ to anything else by the mandatory value
of 1000 (like OMAP seems to do), then such ports are broken and need
to be fixed.

Do you kindly like to look into the two issues Wolfgang mentions here, test and send a patch? Sounds like you understood the issue and can test it :wink:

Many thanks


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