U-boot standalone "hello_world" not working

I have a standalone app that I had working on an earlier version of u-boot, but I can’t seem to get it working on anything recent. Indeed, I can’t even get the included hello_world example working (though U-boot itself works fine). I load hello_world.bin at address 0x80300000, then go 0x80300000, and it crashes instantly:

Starting application at 0x80300000 …

data abort
pc : [<803000ec>] lr : [<80300024>]
sp : 9f63bde8 ip : 0000000f fp : 9f63c868
r10: 9f7a7c40 r9 : 9f63bf28 r8 : 00000004
r7 : 9f63c968 r6 : 9f63c96c r5 : 00000003 r4 : 00000000
r3 : 80308254 r2 : 80308254 r1 : 00000006 r0 : 803001cf
Flags: nZCv IRQs off FIQs on Mode SVC_32
Resetting CPU …

Has anyone seen this working on the BBB recently, or did the U-boot guys break something?