u-boot with SPI for XM rev C


I’m trying to get SPI working on Beagleboard XM rev C. I managed to patch and compile the 2.6.39 kernel (using recipe from OE) , and /dev/spidev4.0 appeared. However, it does not seem to work. I suspect that something is wrong with pin muxing. I’m using the newest u-boot from the site, and I know it does not set the SPI pins correctly. But the SPI patch I used from here uses the kernel pin muxer (I have CONFIG_OMAP_MUX=y in the config), so it should work, right? But still does not work…

I have also tried to compile u-boot patched using the u-boot_2011.06.bb recipe. With the resulting u-boot the board boots up, GUI is working, but USB is not working (no net, no keyboard…), and the u-boot.bin is also quite large (344676 bytes). Am I missing an XM rev C related patch here?

Thanks in advance,

As I understand for xM rev C the USB HUB is powered down by default.
Who is responsible to turn it on: u-boot or the kernel? I have a
working u-boot which works with the kernel I compiled, but I don't
have the source for that u-boot. The 2011.06 u-boot I compiled does
not turn on the USB...