UART on expansion connector J3

We are using Debian on C3 Beagle board.
We need a UART with hardware flow control, wich is only available on UART 2, located on expansion connector.
According to doc, this UART is on a multi-purpose pins port of the OMAP. I compiled the data as this :

UART2_CTS, mode=MUX0, GPIO 144, expansion pin 4,  CPU pin AB26
UART2_TX,  mode=MUX0, GPIO 146, expansion pin 6,  CPU pin AA25
UART2_RX,  mode=MUX1, GPIO 143, expansion pin 8,  CPU pin AE5
UART2_RTS, mode=MUX0, GPIO 145, expansion pin 10, CPU pin AB25

My question is : how can we activate this UART2 on this pin ?

Any idea about this question ?
Got nothing so far.



P L wrote:

I am assuming you are using Linux and you have all the hardware issues
sorted out.

The mux settings for the beagle board can be found in uBoot.

I believe the link below will be of great help.


Thanks for the link.
I understand we have to rebuilt U-BOOT and kernel... that could be
painful job.
I'll check for for U-BOOT files already setup with UART2.
If you know one, I would be please if you can send me reference.

Thank you very much.