UART, SPI functionality in new Angstrom Build

I was wondering if there are any plans on allowing the BBB to handle the UART, SPI ports in the same way as was available on the original BB (with the OMAP_Mux)? I’ve been reading a couple of posts on the subject and it seems like a big pain trying to make them work on the new builds of Angstrom (right now I’m on the process of enabling those ports on my BBB through one of the methods explained in one blog), and it takes away some backwards compatibility with previous versions. I hope this suggestion could be taken into consideration for future versions.



Hi Jorge–have you had any luck with SPI on the BBB? I may have to get a BBB to talk to a MAX31855 thermocouple interface chip, which also uses that interface, so am interested to hear if you had any success.



SPI works great on BBB, it's even easier than with 3.2 kernel. All you
need to do is to load appropriate device tree overlay. It's much more
elegant way to set the pin muxing than messing files in debug tree.
Hipstercitsuits has great tutorial:
You can also take a look at my I/O library: