uart/usb boot


I am trying to boot crane board using uart boot method given in Beagle Board Recovery.
I am using nishant menons tools pserial and ukermit to load x-load.bin and uboot.bin

to load x-load.bin I used following command

./pserial -p /dev/ttUSB0 -f x-load.bin

Waiting For Device ASIC ID: Press Ctrl+C to stop
ASIC ID Detected: OMAP 3430 with ROM Version 0x0758
Sending 2ndFile:
Downloading file: 100.000% completed (16716/16716 bytes)

File download completed.

** to load uboot.bin** **I used following command**
./ukermit -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -f u-boot.bin
Output information may be incomplete.
Failed after 4 retries in sequence 0 - success send = 0 bytes

Data transmit failed

I am not able to load u-boot.bin 
Can you help me on this issue ?

Thanks & regards

I’ve got the same problem. Did you solve the problem?

Thank you so much.