uboot run fatinfo on mmc device got "No device specified" error


I ran mmc dev and mmc part command get mmc0 response:

U-Boot# mmc dev
mmc0 is current device

U-Boot# mmc part

Partition Map for MMC device 0 – Partition Type: DOS

Part Start Sector Num Sectors UUID Type
1 2048 98304 00000000-01 0e Boot
2 100352 7526400 00000000-02 83

However any commands to use mmc0 I got the following error:

U-Boot# ls mmc0
** No device specified **
U-Boot# fatinfo mmc0
** No device specified **

Since uboot can recognize mmc0 why I can’t run the above commands? The mmc0 partition 1 is FAT16.

Thanks for help!


Try ls mmc 0:2


mmc = interface
0 = device
2 = partition