uboot, saveenv and what works

Different postings seem to indicate different things.

I’ve been using u-boot for over a decade and I’m used to the saveenv/fw_* tools.

Seems the default beagles don’t support this. I have a older 2G eMMC and a newer 4G eMMC beagle – I just built uboot and that and the distributed one don’t have saveenv present.

The uboot I built was from the instructions here:

But this posting:


talks about fw_* tools and saveenv.

I’m slightly confused.


I THINK I have the same/similar question. Given the BeagleBone/BeagleBoard’s single ext4 partition strategy for containing the FS and kernel and where u-boot/MLO is copied into the the “hole” below the partition table using the dd command, where is the default and user-updated u-boot environment saved now?

I have an SD Card for the TI SDK for the 572xEVM which has 2 partitions, (1) boot and (2) rootfs. I believe in TI SDK land, the u-boot environment variables are saved to uboot.env in the boot partition… Thanks!!

saveenv is disabled as it breaks the BeagleBone White (no eMMC)

you can easily re-enable by removing this change:



Thanks Robert !

Looks like someone using yocto for BBB also had a similar question a couple years ago, https://lists.yoctoproject.org/pipermail/yocto/2015-April/024636.html