Hi, I am trying to boot my BeagleBone (white) to the uBoot prompt. I have done an extensive search of the internet and come up pretty empty handed.

I am trying to install my freshly bitbaked kernel on to my board and get stuck with no network access to my board after pointing it to the new kernel. (I think because the modules aren’t loaded). But I am trying to get into my uBoot prompt so I can kick off the kernel and have access via serial port.

The problem is, I can’t figure out how to access my board with just a serial connection. I have tried connecting to uart1, the usb port, everything.

I have a feeling I am missing something simple, could some one please help me out?



Did you follow step #2 in the starting instructions?


You will need to install some drivers to get serial (and network) connection over the USB port to the BeagleBone (white). On my PC, it shows up as “COM8”.

You can probably boot just to the boot prompt if you move the /boot/uImage and /boot/am335x-bone.dtb out of the way on the SSD card.

OMG, so smart! RTFM!

I actually did read that page, but skipped passed the drivers because I thought they were just the generic FTDI drivers I installed when I got my BeagleBone in the first place. This driver package seems to have more.

Clark, thank you for your time!