Ubuntu 14.04 hangs on the BBB

Hello All,

I have installed Ubuntu 14.04 on the BBB eMMc, and it works fine.

It has an USB meteo sensor connected.

Every few days it becomes unavailable: no ping answers, no ssh access.

I need to unplug it, and then it reboots fine, but when I look into /var/log I find very little.

How can I troubleshoot this?

I need it to be as reliable as its big brothers Ubuntu servers…

thanks for reading,



How stable and powerful is your power supply? U might try to connect
your Weather station over a powered USB hub.

As Dieter asked, what power supply are you using ? I have a few BBB
24/24h with no issue, but I use a good 5V 2A power supply. What are the
USB sensor power requirements ?

You can start to understand what's going on by connecting to the board
console serial port (3.3V!) from another system and logging it to a file
and see if there's any kernel error messages.