Ubuntu - anyone getting more than 640x480?

I'm running Ubuntu with the 2.6.29-oer34 kernel and rootfs built with
the 'build-arm-rootfs' script but can not get anything more than
640x480@59 and that's not good enough for the demo I need to run.

One thing that's telling is that the u-boot options, omap-
dss.def_disp=lcd omapfb.video_mode=1280x720MR-24@60 get rejected as
seen in the console boot message. So I know something's wrong. I even
tried the ubuntu-update-kernel.sh script but that didn't change

I'm currently running karmic but tomorrow with try building the jaunty
image again and see if I can get any further with that.


Hi Doug,

This list is moderated, hence the delay...

That is correct, that is the setting for 2.6.28, with 2.6.29 the DSS2
parameters where tweaked again: