Ubuntu - Beagletouch

I am working on ubuntu with beagletouch on beagleboard. As you know
beagletouch is working on liquidware's specified angstrom. I want to
work beagletouch on ubuntu. I tried several things for that.

I compiled the liquidware's kernel and used ubuntu's rootfs but it did
not work. i followed these instructions for ubuntu also.

After that i thought the rootfs is wrong and then i used rootstock and
created a ubuntu's rootfs file. And then i used liquidware's uImage
and this rootfs. But i took i2c errors in serial port.

I also used precompiled images. Ubuntu work fine with that but it did
not see beagletouch. i changed precompiled image's uImage file but
also it did not work.

I downloaded stable kernel and changed like liquidware's kernel and
then compiled, also it did not work.

I found this site http://free-electrons.com/blog/beagle-labs/ and i
followed lectures but i dont know the solution way of this. how can i
do that?

Have you dot the snippet for the driver? Does it need editing for Ubuntu?